CGLSLGP staff are located in Pretoria and Durban, South Africa with representatives in Kenya, Mauritius, Tanzania and Ghana. Staff are multilingual in English, French, Portuguese, Swahili and other languages. Zurcom International is a member of five trade and international policy related bodies situated inside Africa and is a founding member of the International Business Group.

Member/Principle Biography: Richard Zurba has over two decades of personal experience in trade and export business development in emerging markets. Richard came to Africa in 1993 first in the D.R. Congo for World Vision Relief, involved in humanitarian work ethnic cleansing and the Ebola outbreak responses. In 1996 he moved to South Africa, as an export manager for a South African firm, selling across sub-Saharan Africa. In January 1999, he opened the Conference of Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Governors and Premiers Africa Trade Office on behalf of four US states. He serves as the Coordinator of IBG Global. He frequently lectures and has served as a dissertation supervisor for an MBA program. Richard has work experience in over a dozen countries around the world. BA (University of Alberta); MA (London School of Economics); MBA (Western Ontario).